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Other construction activities

We work in the field of quality construction and all related activities and services.

If you care about quality construction and repair work, please take a look at our prices or contact us on 042 924 494 for an inspection and preparation of an offer. If you don’t, then quality is not your priority, but low price.


How do we proceed? If you have a bill of quantities or a project for the planned rough construction or renovation, we will be happy to send it to us and we will prepare a quote for you. If you don’t have any and you are planning repairs or finishing works – just call the indicated phones to arrange a free inspection. During the inspection, a TNGROUP employee will measure the quantities and types of CMR to be performed, and you will be consulted by a professional.

We will help you design and build the home of your dreams, renovate and modernize your favorite property, and fill your everyday life with coziness and beauty.

If you want to create a new residential complex, business building, industrial site, villa, house, beautiful garden or park, sports or children’s playground, contact us!